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24th March 2014

A value add to your learning process!!

SJMVS college of womens study tour at our very own ARTASHASTRA STUDIOS PVT.LTD
"See the world through our eyes, small sneak peak into our world". Students from SJMVS college for women visited our studio. Our dedicated team Artashastra guided them.

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18th March 2014

Face paint in celebration of Holi festival !!

Team Artashastra had fun with colors by actively participating in face painting competition.
Come summer; and everyone awaits the "Festival of Holi". No religion; no creed; Holi colours it all. Bright reds and sunshine yellows splashed all over; makes people forget all the negativity and fills in a cheery feeling in everyone's heart. May be there are shades of grey everyone's life; little sorrows and pains. Holi colours it with joy. May be its just for a day or two; but "Holi" enthralls all.

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8th March 2014

Celebrating the Elegance Of Womanhood!!

International Women's Day is celebrated on March 8th. This day celebrates the life of a woman who faces hardships with her inner strength. Mother Teresa, Helen Keller, Sudha Murthy, Kittur Rani Chennamma , Indira Gandhi, Sunita Williams and many others led an exemplary life. They had to make difficult choices. Yet, they endured. Happy Women's Day!

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31st December 2013

It's such a elation to guess Secret Santa from the presents you receive!

From discovering secret Santa to a game of balloon blaster, going back to school memories with the card making event, to a hilarious show off of Blue on the ramp and a sweet end to the celebration with the yummy yum treats, surely the bestest way of welcoming another creative year!